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  • Maximilian Richter

    From the energy in the room, you could really feel that it was time for such an event in Berlin. It was great to meet over 80 new people from the customer success community, learn about the latest trends and share best practices in the breakout sessions. As a CSM, understanding what works well and what doesn’t at other companies can really help you focus on your own initiatives! Can’t wait for the next edition of the Customer Success Snack!

  • Flavia Severin

    A Customer Success Leader is like an orchestra director: the client is the audience and the different instruments are the departments that collaborate and work with the CS Team. 

    The customers can only see the results of the company's internal interactions, alignment, and cooperation, but there is so much going on behind the scenes.

    To make sure that the show can always go on and be a success, this department pulls internal strings and run multiple tasks in synergy with all the stakeholders.

  • Marcella de Boer

    Customer Success and Customer Service should be interpreted as strategic sides of any business. These events bring professionals together to drive this mindset further and learn from each other.

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