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In-person connections shape the future of success. Become a pillar within your GTM motion. Connect at local events, and mentorship programs.


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Breakfast and share

Get inspired and share a breakfast while joining 2 moderated break-out sessions. Every event has the most relevant topics for all specialisations and seniority.

Snack nights

Learn at a presentation and workshop session around one topic designed for Leaders.

Social parties

Networking can also be fun with bbq’s, picnics, boat trips and more

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Find a mentor that has the skillset and experience that you need. Our network consists of more than 70 Leaders & Specialists that help you progress.

CS Snack by the numbers

Cities all over Europa where we have active communities

Yearly events are organized by Customer Succes Snack

Members that you can learn from everyday!

Collaborative learning

Collaborative Learning for Customer Success events foster interactive workshops and discussions, enabling professionals to share insights, solve challenges, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Leverage the power of your peers

Customer success in Europe has many subtle differences that we need to map and share to maximise customer relations. Our events connect Customer Success Managers in Europe.

Be ready for the next trend

Nobody went to school for b2b Customer Success Management. Collaborative learning is the solution. We will give you what you can’t find on YouTube and in the webinars.

What do members say about CS Snack

David L.

Customer Success Snack's mentorship program connected me with an experienced leader who has guided my career growth tremendously. It's a game-changer!

Frank P.

Attending Customer Success Snack's events has been incredibly inspiring. The collaborative learning sessions are insightful, and the social gatherings make networking fun and engaging.

John K.

The diverse topics covered in Customer Success Snack's breakout sessions have expanded my knowledge and helped me implement best practices in my role.

Sarah M.

The networking opportunities at Customer Success Snack events are unparalleled. I met numerous industry leaders and gained valuable insights that have significantly improved my approach to customer success.

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Every company defines Customer Success differently. We understand the specific needs of professionals and companies and close the gap.

Meaningful connections

Our job board curates the best jobs and shows you what to expect from a job. No surprises

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Our team connects you with the best interim & consultancy jobs in Europe.

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Find your local community in Dublin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Malmo, Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Ghent, Paris, Madrid, Zurich, Bucharest and more.