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How Customer Success can benefit from AI? 24 Tips to Scale CS through Digitalisation

The rise of AI caused CS teams to be in pickles of its challenges and benefits. How do we use it to our advantage?

With over 400 attendees at our Customer Success Snack Events, and companies like LinkedIn, Shopify Plus, Zoom and Zendesk, participating in the discussions, here are the insights we’ve gathered. 

Scaling CS through digitalisation is paramount for companies and businesses all over the world, given the ever-changing and growing demands of the market. CS teams have been mitigating the effects of rapid technological changes and innovation, leading to a shift in customer behaviour. CS tools have been beneficial yet the process and effects remain constructive.

The advent of AI brought significant transformations to the contemporary business landscape causing uncertainty to different roles, especially with the threat of replacing humans. Gathering numerous insights from different CS Professionals, it is evident that AI is also causing disruption, adding doubt to its effectivity over the CS Landscape. 

In a discussion we‘ve had with over 400 different CS Professionals during our Customer Success Snack Events in Berlin, Ghent, Amsterdam, Paris and Copenhagen, we were able to funnel in the different adversities and setbacks companies are facing, and the efforts that are being put in place. If you want to join a future Customer Success Snack event in your city, make sure to become part of the community.

Below, we’ve identified key points and vital strategies on how CS teams can benefit from AI.

Berlin: “Integrate AI tools in your Daily Business”

Learning through the different CS tools is becoming a challenge, but it remains effective in Customer Success, provided that it becomes accessible throughout the entire organization. Here are the key learnings in digitalisation, which we’ve gathered from our Berlin discussion.

Ghent: “AI will even help CSM to be more Human”

Amsterdam: “Look at different target metrics when implementing a Digital CS strategy”

Paris: “Make your customer self-sufficient and Increase NPS (Net Promoter Scores)”

In Paris, we’ve identified many common challenges that were increasing churns, and impeding digitalisation. 

Copenhagen: “It’s all about using technology and digital tools to supercharge our customer success efforts.”

AI brings out the potential CS teams to scale through digitalisation swiftly and efficiently, provided it is utilized correctly.

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