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Is Your CS Team Effective? 30 CS Strategies from our Customer Success Community: Event Recap from our Ghent Breakfast

With companies exerting massive efforts to navigate and survive the ballooning challenges, brought by today’s economic climate, the question is, Are we on the right track?

We gathered over 40 leaders and pioneers in the Customer Success field, to engage in an intuitive dialogue. Here’s a glimpse of the valuable exchange we had.

Rounding up the challenges circled us to one dilemma – the effectiveness of our current CS teams, and how businesses will adapt to the modern challenges of today’s business landscape.

Ghent is no exception to the current challenges affecting businesses. With the alarming decline of renewal rates, and customers seeking cost-cutting measures, CS teams in Ghent are devising resilient strategies to help mitigate losses.

We hosted over 40  professionals, from different companies – Yuki Software, Materialise, Silver Fin, and many more, for a breakfast & share at Ghent on April 4. If you want to join a future Customer Success Snack event in your city, make sure to become part of the community.

Below are some notes of what we’ve learned and identified from the event. This article is brought to you by our great moderators Pieter Boon, Kataryna Vitenko, Kristof Bonne, Laurence De Klerck Wouters & Thomas Laureys

Building a customer-centric business: “Make sure CX is embedded in every aspect of the company”

There are numerous factors to consider in building a customer-centric business, and even more difficult, turning your existing business into customer-centric. A company’s long-term success isn’t bound to just making a sale, and we’ve seen hundreds of entities collapse relying on one-time purchases. 

Through the Rose-Thorn-Bud Formula, we were able to round up the challenges that were often encountered and hindered a company from becoming customer-centric.

Retaining revenue in tougher times: “Implement surveys, and user interviews, and leverage this data to understand customer patterns”

With Customer Success Teams and insights, we were able to gather the actionable measures that need to be optimized to scale amidst the economic downturns. 

Building ROI for your customer as CSM: “Maintain transparency with customers and collaborate closely with the sales team”

Customer Success Managers should set achievable customer goals together, broadcast customer success, and enhance transparency and collaboration between customers and sales.

Scaling CS through Digitalisation: “Invest in AI tools like Gong, or Co-Pilot to analyze meetings real-time”

CSMs play a big role in scaling through digitalization with tools, that optimize processes reducing human intervention in repetitive tasks and processes. With AI on the surface, it’s important to gauge and assess how it can help streamline processes rather than see it as a competitor for companies. 

“AI will even help CSM to be more Human because it will help with eliminating repetitive tasks and focus on real conversations with your customers.”

Change management as a CSM: “If you don’t agree with the change, give it at least a try and provide feedback.”

With representatives from Mollie, Yuki, and Materialise, we were able to gather insights on Internal and External Change Management.

From the Internal perspective we’ve come up with the following:

At the External, these are the points addressed:

Strategic/enterprise account management (100k+ ARR): “Make the CS work billable”

The effectiveness of CS Initiatives highly depends on the team’s ability to gauge and interpret results and vary from that. Through our Customer Success Snack events, we hear different expert thoughts and experiences that lead us to be more proactive as a whole. 

The Customer Success Snack community fuels CS teams to success, through our community-driven education, events and extensive toolkits. Be part of our community and share your insights with over 400 CS professionals from Europe. 

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