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Use LinkedIn to Boost Your Customer Success Game

Wrong. When I started posting content on Linkedin, I had a clear goal in mind:

I wanted new business relations to flourish. Potential customers see my posts. They interact. We connect. That’s how it works, right?

It does. But I actually uncovered a much more powerful way of using Linkedin – for Customer Success.

The people that saw my content were not who I expected it to be

I of course did see new business connections pop up here and there. But what I clearly underestimated was the power of the relationships I had already built.

People that I had worked with a long time ago, and current clients, saw my content. Interacted with it. And I started building a deeper relationship at scale.

So here are my tips on how you can use Linkedin to a) improve your Customer Success team performance and b) deepen your personal relationship with your contacts.

1. Add “adding your Contact on Linkedin” to your onboarding playbook

This is such a no-brainer, but I see a lot of CSMs who don’t add their contacts on Linkedin. Connecting with a new client should always be part of your onboarding playbook. Simply seeing your profile will help them connect with you on a deeper level.

2. Focus on BROAD educational content

Most CSM’s share their product updates, blogs, and news. Don’t do that. It doesn’t provide any real value on Linkedin. Instead, you can follow a simple framework: Take the things you explain to your customers on a regular level. Translate the concept to a broader audience, one that isn’t so familiar with your tool (or not at all). And then post about that.

This is an example: You often answer questions about the integrations to your enterprise bookkeeping software. Instead of sharing a link to the blog post on Linkedin, write about *why* integrating other solutions with a bookkeeping software is helpful. *How* that can be done. *Good examples* of this you’ve seen.

And suddenly, instead of promoting your software, you have created 3 simple posts or videos that deliver value to all your connections.

3. Send personal messages with more interesting content

Using dm’s on Linkedin as a way to educate further has shown to be very successful to me. Email inboxes are full of work and spam.

If you find a useful blog article or a video on Linkedin that would be relevant for a recently discussed topic for a client of yours, why don’t you go ahead and send it in a private message on Linkedin instead? It makes it so much more personal, and your clients will stop seeing you as “that rep that sends me an email occasionally.”

4. Interact with your customer’s content

Make it a habit to interact with your customer’s posts. Most people don’t post regularly. If you encourage them and provide a quick, valuable comment under their posts, you will stand out – and deepen your relationship.

Are you already using Linkedin to boost your Customer Success game?