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Marketing is Customer Success Manager’s Best Friend!

I love a solid case study. And many potential customers do, too!

But most Customer Success teams are somewhat reactive when it comes to their relationship with Marketing. They are asking for a case study? Okay, let’s pull something out of our sleeves!

Let’s be proactive, shall we?

I believe that Customer Success should actually be leading new case studies. Here’s why:

You know what works, and for which types of customers in which verticals and industries your product is a great fit. Marketing likely only sees the shiny logos.

That also means that you can identify the real success stories – the ones that really added value to the customer. The result: Such a case study can be used to attract more similar customers.

You already have the playbooks. You know the drill. You understand the challenges in attracting and onboarding these customers – and making them successful. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, and you will enjoy this role way more.

But there’s also a Responsibility

Not so fast: While it’s important to find the stories of good-fit customers, you have another responsibility, too.

A case study is only as good as the story it’s telling. And we all know that some clients are just a *wee* bit more boring than others. Maybe they’re not great storytellers. Maybe their business isn’t so inspiring.

What I’m saying is: You will make Marketing’s job much easier by also looking for customers that like to talk, and that are good at it. This gives Marketing more wiggle room to turn it into a great story.