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How Do You Show Off Your Customer Success?

The best marketing folks I’ve worked with are the ones that understand how much value Customer Success brings to the table.

And yes, it’s not easy to communicate the value of Customer Success. Especially when only a selected few really know what we do day in, day out.

But what I saw in my Twitter feed is a great exercise in the marketing <> CS collaboration.

At the end of the day, Customer Success is measurable in a few numbers.

How do we quantify our desired outcome?

How do we quantify the milestones along the way?

What are the KPI that guide our onboarding?

Lighthouse 360 – a SaaS solution for dental practices – communicates these results in a way you should absolutely tell your marketing team to steal.

Why this is such a great page

This page is great for 4 reasons.

  1. It’s great for marketing to an audience that is just discovering the problem. It clearly shows a cold audience why and how your solution makes a difference. And what the pain points are that it solves.
  2. It’s great for aligning the value of your solution between CS and marketing. How often has it happened that marketing communicates stuff you can’t actually deliver? This page is a great source of truth.
  3. It’s great to create focus for the whole organization on what your value pillars are, and what KPI you optimize for your client. It creates client centricity.
  4. It’s great as a resource for your sales team. They need a quick insight for a cold email? They want to leverage data to bring a deal further? No need to dig through the internal wiki – just check out the page.

Do you have other examples of great why pages that help align Customer Success and marketing?